Intraco Penta Wahana’s New Breakthrough

PT Intraco Penta Wahana (IPW), one of INTA’s subsidiaries in the field of heavy equipment & industry, in 2018 conducts activities to increase brand awareness and sales from the activity marketing side, through re-branding of the website. With a new look that is more fresh and educative, IPW aims to provide convenience to customers in finding information on both products and sales programs that are running.

The rapid development of information technology is one of the causes of the social media boom. This media is then used for marketing needs with the concept of digital marketing. Seeing this, IPW has now equipped itself with Instagram media (@ipwahana) as well as Facebook and Linkedin (PT Intraco Penta Wahana) to reach its customers even further to facilitate the search for updated information.

Besides moving through social media, IPW also made a new breakthrough in terms of E-Commerce with the aim of bringing its products closer to customers. This is done in collaboration with which is equipped with a product list / catalog, with various transactions and installment programs up to 24 times with 0% interest. It is expected that with the ease with which customers can reach IPW products, customers feel their needs are met.

To conduct engagements to customers, IPW also conducts Customer Gathering events in several cities such as Palembang, Samarinda, Banjarmasin and Manado which will be followed by the following cities until the end of 2018. The purpose of holding this customer gathering is to give appreciation to customers for their loyalty using the product on an ongoing basis, and to improve a better relationship. In this gathering, IPW also provided information on the development of products and companies, so that most customers knew about the products and services and programs that existed at PT Intraco Penta Wahana at this time.

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