28 February 2024, Intraco Penta organize Financing Gathering

Jakarta, February 28 2024, Intraco Penta Group held a Financing Partner Gathering activity at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta by inviting various financial institutions, both banking and leasing companies. INTA targets this program to provide solutions and have a positive impact on the business growth of all parties, including companies, financial institutions and our loyal customers.

We are committed to increasing cooperation and collaboration with financial institutions, including leasing companies, banking and other financial institutions to support INTA's heavy equipment sales and After Market which has the potential to provide financing to our customers, both in the form of working capital and investment. credit.

Currently, Intraco Penta Group has around 30 partner companies and financing companies, and will still open up opportunities for other institutions that want to support INTA customers.

#Heavy Equipment Solutions for You

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