Halal Bi Halal INTA Group

On July 17 2018 Pkl. 09:00 – 13:00 WIB, the Halal Bi Halal INTA Group was held in Jakarta / more precisely the INTA Group employees located in Cakung. As in previous years, the Halal Bi Halal event was always held because it coincided after Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr.

The meaning of Idul Fitri is actually a manifestation of happiness or as a form of expression of gratitude to Allah SWT, for the great victory we gained after fasting for Ramadan for a full month. For Muslims who have successfully carried out the fasting service in the month of Ramadan, their sins will be forgiven so that they become holy again like a new baby born from the womb of his mother.

Because it is still in the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr, an event committee was formed to implement Halal Bi Halal in the Company with the theme “With Halal Bi Halal We Strengthen Togetherness”. There is something different in this year’s Halal Bi Halal program. Who usually hires Marawis, this time there are song offerings from employees. And there is usually no compensation for orphans (because it is already on the CSR agenda), but this time the Event Committee Team gives something different, to see and feel sharing with others. Compensation for orphans in the area around the Company, namely from 15 villages.

In addition there are directives from the CEO of INTA Group, represented by M. Qudzie, and lectures delivered by KH. M. Syamsudin. The highlight is greeting each other with forgiveness between employees and closed with lunch together.

On this occasion of the Halal Bi Halal INTA Group, let’s unite our sincere intentions in our hearts, we eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, resentment, pride and a sense of pride in what we have today. Let’s change all that with a sense of affection and a sense of brotherhood to strengthen togetherness. With an open heart, radiant faces and sweet smiles, we extend our hands to forgive each other. We open a new sheet that is still white, and we close the old page which might have a lot of dirt & stains while saying Minal Aidin Walfaizin Please forgive Birth and Innerness. May Allah SWT, always give His help to all of us.

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